ZB800W Sanitary Napkin/Pad Packing Machine

Specifications of ZB800M Sanitary/Pad Packing Machine

Packing filmMax film bag roll diameterφ600 mm
Bag roll core diameterφ76-78mm
Packing filmApplied film thickness0.03mm—0.06mm;
Applied film materialPE double-side heating film (Re-command) and different hot-sealing film
SpeedDesign speed70packs/min
Production speed(cotton towel)40-55packs/min (varied according to different spec)
Power rateMotor power rate11 Kw
The main motor heating rate3.0Kw
Packing specL100 mm -200 mm(can pack 230mm length after modification)
W70 mm -110 mm
H20mm -80 mm
Machine weight3000KG
Packing qualified product≥98%
Out dimension7000mm×1000mm×2200mm(L×W×H)
Power type3P380V (3PHASE 4 LINE)
Compressed air qty6kg/cm2  0.45m3/min
Machine noise≤75(dB)
Remark: different packing materials will require different customization, so the above data will be different.

Soontrue packaging machine has reasonable structure, stable performance, strong material, and more durable.

Main Features of ZB800W Sanitary/Pad Packing Machine

  • Independent drive, fast response speed, and precise action;

  • High-speed operation performance is more stable;

  • Easy to change parameters;

  • Perfect docking of front-end automatic equipment;

  • According to the long-term need to replace the heating wire and high-temperature tape;

  • Film Adjustment;

Our sanitary pad packing machine works perfectly well and has been recognized by customers worldwide.

The Advantages of ZB800W Sanitary Napkin/Pad Packing Machine

  • The 9-axis Mitsubishi J4 series servo independent drive, fast speed, and precise action;

  • The control system equipped with Mitsubishi Q series PLC, motion CPU cooperates with Mitsubishi J4 high-resolution servo, more stable high-speed operation;

  • Large LCD touch screen display and parameter setting, easy to change specifications;

  • The bag-making and sealing are controlled by the heating tube of Omron's high-end control system, and the stability deviation is plus or minus 1°. Each bag can complete bag making at high speed running;

  • The German POPEX controls final sealing temperature intelligently, rapid heating by electric heating wire, and cooling, no need to replace the heating wire and high-temperature tape for a long time;

  • The bag opening detection and incoming material detection, save cost and keep the machine run regularly.

  • Automatic correction device for packaging film (Germany).

Sanitary Napkin Packaging Material/Sanitary Pad Packaging Material

The most widely seen sanitary napkin packaging materials in the current market are plastic and paper. According to the different needs of customers, the factories will normally pack the sanitary pads into small paper carton boxes or plastic bags. While paper packaging has the advantages of environmental-friendly, plastic is also widely employed as the packaging material as it can be produced with higher speed and holds strong tensile performance.

Sanitary Napkin Packaging Material

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ZB800W Sanitary Napkin/Pad Packing Machine