ZB230 Paper Towel Packing Machine

Specifications of ZB230 Paper Towel Packing Machine

Packing speed10-18 Packs / min
Packaging specificationsLength 230mm
Packaging MaterialsPE
Power type380V 50Hz
Total Weight3000kg
Dimensions4300mm long; 1300mm
width; 1900mm

Soontrue Machinery was founded in 1993, we are an experienced manufacturer of paper towel packaging machine. We have established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known brands. Contact us and get more info.

Advantages of  ZB230 Paper Towel Packaging Machine

  • Packed in pre-made bags, compact and beautiful packaging;

  • Feeding ingredients are conveyed by clamping to avoid continuous bag feeding, with anti-air bag function to improve packaging efficiency;

  • Compact structure, easy adjustment and easy maintenance;

  • Motor servo torque limit overload protection to extend the service life of the machines for towel packing.

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ZB230 Paper Towel Packing Machine