Soontrue Allows Customers to Enjoy High Speed and Quality

What can be done in one minute?

Maybe you can't finish eating a bowl of noodles in one minute or finish reading a WeChat post in one minute.

In the eyes of many people, one minute passes quickly. But in fact, many things can happen in one minute.

For example: 

In 2020, Soontrue launched ZB300H full servo high speed tissue packaging machine,

which can complete the packaging of 120 cartons.

Suppose that each person uses a packet of tissue in five days on average

-- that's 73 packs of tissue a year

The amount of paper that ZB300H packages per minute can allow you to use it for one and a half years!

Machines of Soontrue Machinery

Precise movement + stable operation + highly intelligent

Thanks to ZB300H paper napkin packing machine, a high packaging speed is reached.

The auto packing machine is controlled by an industrial computer, equipped with 16 sets of absolute value servo system and 2 sets of the frequency conversion system.


Not just fast!

ZB300H will also surprise you in other ways!

1. The aesthetic index of the automatic packaging machine

Back-turning press-packing structure; easy to adjust; stable packaging work; beautiful and exquisite packaged products.

2. Intelligent index of automatic packaging machine

The electronic handwheel replaces the mechanical hand wheel method (original in the industry), which is easy to debug and precise in positioning.

Adopting a servo film release system, it uses a resistance ruler to feedback tracking so that the film is placed accurately and stably. Also, it can effectively avoid the phenomenon of unstable packaging after the film roll is shaken.

3. Convenience index of automatic packaging machine

Adopting open mechanical structure design, it is more convenient to install, debug, operate and maintain.

It has a variety of optional functions to meet different needs, such as the networking of the Internet of Things, visual inspection, automatic film roll deviation correction, discharge air cooling, various special-shaped tears, etc.

4. The economic benefit index of the automatic packaging machine

Photoelectric intelligent detection and tracking can solve the problems of continuous packages, empty packages, and uncut packages, improve the quality and efficiency, and greatly reduce material loss. The intelligent man-machine interface, with the function of one key storage, greatly improves the efficiency of production, reduces the waste of packaging materials.


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