Napkin Making Machine

Specifications of Napkin Making Machine


ZB302A napkin packing machine

Packing speed


Packing specification




Packing film size

Depend on product size

Packing material

CPP both side heating sealing film

Machine weight




Main Features of Napkin Making Machine at Soontrue

  • Not easy to cause damage to parts

  • Unique flat film design, o shaking, clearer coding and more accurate film cutting

  • Wide range of packaging choices

  • open design for packaging station

  • Large operation space

Manufactured in accordance with the set industry standards, Soontrue's napkin making machine can conduct precise and intelligent napkin making processes. As one of the professional napkin making machine manufacturers in China, Soontrue can provide you with high quality napkin making machine at competitive price! Feel free to contact us for the concrete price list! Let Soontrue help you to get started with your own napkin paper business!

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