Automatic Face Tissue Packing Machine ZB290

Specification of Automatic Face Tissue Packing Machine ZB290

Machine model


Packaging speed

25-130 bags/min

The packaging range L*W*H(mm)

L 100—200mm

W 70—110mm

H 20—60mm

Overall dimensions  L*W*H(mm)

3940×6239×1379 mm

Packaging film material

CPP,OPP(double side heating)

Packaging film thickness


Max Outside Diameter of  film


The inner core diameter of film roll



3phase,380V 50HZ

Rated power


Net weight of machine body


Compressed air(MPa)




Characteristics of Kleenex Tissue Paper Facial Tissue Packing Machine ZB290

Controlled by an integrated controller system, step-less speed regulation by frequency converter supplemented by servo system, touch screen operation interface, this automatic paper napkin wrapping machine can work perfectly well with advanced technology.

Adopting a crank rocker pushing structure, the film pulling, cutting knife, and intermediate feeding of this napkin wrapping machine are all driven by servo power, which makes the film pulling, cutting, and feeding movement smooth and accurate

Videos of Kleenex Tissue Paper Facial Tissue Packing Machine ZB290

Advantages of Kleenex Tissue Paper Facial Tissue Packing Machine ZB290

  • With a wide range of packaging choices, ZB290 napkin wrapping machine can realize the replacement of small parts so as to further conduct the packaging of ultra-thin products. Knives including, straight-knives, arc-knives, triangle-knives, and so on, can be used in this automatic Soontrue packaging machine.

  • Its spindle torque and the servo structure torque that holds limit function can effectively avoid damage to parts due to overload.

  • This series of automatic face tissue packing machines adopt different configurations according to customers' requirements for product line speed. There are two products with different packaging speeds for customers to choose from.

Main Features of Kleenex Tissue Paper Facial Tissue Packing Machine ZB290

1. After starting the napkin wrapping machine, the startup time is delayed for 5 seconds to ensure the safety of personnel operation;

2. The operation of ZB290 is controlled by the self-developed central controller, and the speed is stable. It can run smoothly without abnormal vibration, abnormal temperature rise and abnormal noise;

3. Production status and fault automatic tracking and alarm system, and real-time display through the touch screen; Interactive operation;

4. Equipped with 2 meters buffer storage belt;

5. The packaging sealing of this napkin wrapping machine is smooth and the sealing surface is smooth without serious wrinkling and flanging. In addition, the inserted corner and flanging are also beautiful. Good heat sealing effect;

6. The film cutting and dotted line cutting knife adopts the spring rotary knife, driven by the servo motor, and the machine does not work when there is no material, in order to improve the service life of the cutting knife;

7. Film conveying adopts servo motor, controlled by the controller; Accurate positioning of membrane printing pattern;

8. High precision photoelectric eye tracking and monitoring system is adopted;

9. The speed of the main motor is controlled by a frequency converter with step-less speed regulation;

10. Adopting center lubrication system;

11. Intelligent temperature control device is integrated into the system of our facial tissue and napkin wrapping machine. This series can conduct accurate temperature control arbitrary adjustment.

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