Automatic Toilet Roll Paper Multi Pack Packing Machine ZB700S

Specifications of Big Bundler Packaging Machine

Model NumberZB700S
Packing speed10-Packs / min
Packaging specificationsLength 720mm
Packaging MaterialsPE
Power type380V 50Hz
Total Weight7000kg

4300 *2600*2300mm

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Main Features of Bundle Tissue Roll Packing Machine

This series of full automatic tissue bundle packing machines can work at high speed with great automation. They are suitable for packing bundling rolls (6,8,10,12,18,24,48 rolls in one bag). Capable of packing multi-layers of paper rolls, they can also work as bag-to-bag packing machines. And similar to the ZB690F series, this machine series can also be connected with the log saw or single roll wrapping machine.

  • This series of toilet paper packing machine adopts a full servo control system, high-precision photoelectric eye tracking, high-definition human-machine interface display, easy to operate;

  • Can adapt to multi-row multi-layer packaging, switch and adjust products of different packaging specifications quickly and easily;

  • Double bag storage for bag supply, large capacity of bag storage, automatic switching of bag storage, without stopping during adding (changing) bags;

  • Low energy consumption, simple structure, and compact;

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