Toilet Paper Production Line

Toilet Paper Production Line

Soontrue Machinery can provide you with a complete production line of paper roll. Our design considers the function of each part from rewinder to stack so as to better ensure the smoothness and efficiency of our paper production equipment.

It consists of 5 parts :

※ Raw material rewinder and log saw: consists of rewinder, storage rack, log saw cutter and so on;

※ Single wrapper: auto feeding tailstock, packing machine and side ironing device and so on;

※ Bag bundler: conveyor(standing unit, dividing unit and so on), bundler machine;

※ Big bag bundler machine: stack package conveying line and big bundler machine;

※ Stack system: pallet stacking, pallet conveying line, stacking robot.

Leading Toilet Paper Production Line in The Roll Paper Industry

leading by technology, Innovation 

For more than two decades, Soontrue as the witness and navigator in the area of automatic household tissue manufacturing machine, packaging machine in China; Adhere to the market conception "Everything is customer-oriented", advocate to craftsmanship spirit, rely on the profound professional background, pioneering design, excellent quality, efficient and good service, to create higher value for customers.

With a view to the future of automation machinery field, Soontrue stepped to be the first, to further extend and redefine the functions and concepts of intelligent production, and expand into the fields of the intelligent mechanical arm and automatic kitchen and so on, to achieve the corporation vision "become the international first-class mechanical equipment service provider"!

How to Manufacture Toilet Paper?

The production line of paper roll is, in fact, quite similar to facial tissue production line. Normally, paper rolls will have to go through the following steps before they can be sold on shelves:  jumbo rolls - interfolding jumbo rolls - cutting the toliet paper jumbo rolls - packing with toilet paper wrapping machine - finishing with bundler. As one of the professional paper packing machine manufacturers in China, Soontrue can provide you high-end roll paper machines. Feel free to contact us for more information at any time. 

How Much Does A Roll Of Toilet Paper Cost?

The calculation of the cost of manufacturing a roll of toliet paper has to take various factors into consideration. For instance, the price of getting raw materials for preparing jumbo rolls, the costs of purchasing different toliet paper roll machines, the costs of running and maintaining roll paprer machines, etc. All of the factors mentioned above are relevant to the determination of the final cost of your toilet paper roll. As a mature paper machine supplier, Soontrue can help you to purchase the toliet paper machine that meets your needs the most at the most reasonable and economical price. 

Video of Toilet Paper Production Line

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Toilet Paper Production Line