Bandsaw Machine for Toilet Paper

Specifications of Bandsaw Machine

Sharpening Stone:
emery wheel
Cutting Speed:
Supply Voltage:
380V, 50Hz
Air Source Pressure:


Total Power:
Cutting Size:
length 50-210mm diameter:40-135mm


Main Features of Bandsaw Machine

  • Soontrue's bandsaw cutting machine adopts an LCD touching screen to operate. It can be easily set to meet the actual production needs.

  • Our bandsaw machine is able to cut all kinds of core and coreless roll paper

  • Following the band saw operating instructions, you can configure the tops and tails size flexibly

  • The band saw cutter sold by Soontrue Machinery owns advanced settings, stable performance, PLC programming control, and servo motor.

Band Saw Operating Instructions

  • Please make sure you start fresh with a nice clean saw before using the bandsaw cutting machine.

  • It's a good idea to be mindful before starting a cut and check if the blade you have on is the right one for the job.

  • The right blade tension set can make a big difference for your cut.

  • Make sure the guides are relatively close to the blade in order to make a good cut and the blade guard is at an appropriate level for your cut.

  • Keep it a priority to always release the tension when you're done with the saw.

  • Clean off any sawdust that might have gotten stuck.

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