High Speed Automatic Facial Tissue Packing Machine ZB300G

Specifications of ZB300G Facial Tissue Packing Machine

Packing speed40-120 Packs / min
Packaging specificationsLength 90-200 mm
width 90-120 mm
height 40-100 mm
Gas source0.5-0.7Mpa
heating power6.6kw
Total power16kw
Packaging MaterialsCpp
Power type380V 50Hz
Total WeightAbout 4200Kg
Dimensions6900mm long 3850mm high 185 0mm

Applicable of ZB300G Facial Tissue Packing Machine

It is suitable for automatic pack of facial tissues, square tissues, pocket tissues, cotton tissues etc.

Video of ZB300G Facial Tissue Packing Machine

Main Features of ZB300G Facial Tissue Packing Machine

  • Precise movement, stable system operation, high intelligence

  • Easy debugging

  • Fast and accurate film changing rolls

  • The facial tissue packing machine is easy to operate, adjust and maintain

  • Soontrue is committed to producing professional napkin wrappers and winning the trust of customers with consistently high-quality products.

More Details about ZB300G Facial Tissue Packing Machine 

The type of facial tissue packing machine adopts 16 sets of absolute value servo control system and 5 sets of inverter system, with precise action, stable system operation and a high degree of intelligence

Cranking debugging adopts electronic handwheel instead of mechanical hand wheel structure, convenient and accurate debugging

Equipped with automatic film tension adjustment device and air-stretching shaft through-membrane structure, fast and accurate film changing rolls

The swinging edge forming structure and center feeding forming a structure with independent intellectual property rights make the product package regular.

Dotted line with independent intellectual property rights-pull-break film structure, insensitive to static electricity, accurate film delivery

Intelligent film position calculation function, only need to input relevant parameters to change the envelope position automatically when changing specifications, greatly shortening the time for changing specifications.

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