ZB201 Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

Specification of ZB201 Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

Tissue sizeL: 80-110 (mm)
W: 75-100 (mm)
H: 30-50 (mm)
Packing film widthSubject to tissue sizes
Packing speed25-90 (bags/min)
Outer dimensionsLxWxH=2940x2650x1720(mm)
Air pressure≥0.5Mpa
Machine weight1600kg
Packing materialCCP
Power supply type380V 50Hz

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Application of ZB201 Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

ZB201 is suitable for the packaging of mainstream handkerchief paper in the current market.

This kind of handkerchief packing machine can complete the packaging of two specifications of materials, divided into standard type and mini type.

Main Features of ZB201 Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

  • Cutting blades & shafts structure, the structure of ZB201 series is simple. And it is easy for users to conduct maintenance over this machine, lower blade wastage;

  • Bottom blades manufacturing process, stable vacuum adsorption leads to good folding accuracy and folding stability. 

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