ZB280 Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

Specifications of ZB280 Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

Packing speed25-90 packs / min
Packaging specificationsLength 80-110mm
width 75-100mm
Gas source0.5-0.8Mpa
Packaging MaterialsCPP
Power type380V 50Hz
Total Weight1600kg
Dimensions2940mm long 2650mm high 1720mm

Advanced design concepts and professional technology have always been the salient features of Soontrue. With a complete processing system, rigorous and thoughtful after-sales service management, Soontrue packaging machine has won a good reputation in the industry.

Applications of ZB280 Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine

Mainly suitable for large size small squares, the packaging product size is between the soft paper box paper handkerchiefs, both the paper handkerchief products are easy to carry, and there are slightly fewer product layers.

The sealing effect of our handkerchief packing machine is beautiful and neat, which helps increase the aesthetics of the product.

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