This Machine is Amazing with Fast Speed and Large Capacity!

1. Importance of facial tissue packing machine

Still worrying about not finding a cost-effective packaging machine? Soontrue's new model ZB300H full-servo tissue single-packing machine has fast speed with small space and high intelligence. We have all the advantages you want!

2. Features of ZB300H full-servo tissue single-packing machine

1. Stable performance and fast response

It adopts industrial computer control and is equipped with 16 sets of absolute servo systems and 2 sets of frequency conversion systems. Accurate action, stable operation, high degree of automation, smarter, and high scalability;

The electronic hand wheel is used to replace the mechanical hand wheel (first in the industry) for easy debugging and accurate positioning;

2. Simple operation and easy maintenance

Adopting an open mechanical structure design, installation, debugging, operation and maintenance are more convenient;

Back-turning type pressing structure, simple adjustment, stable and beautiful packaging effect;

The intelligent man-machine interface, with a one-key save formula function, greatly improves the efficiency of production changes and reduces the waste of packaging materials;

3. Highly intelligent

Through photoelectric intelligent detection and tracking, it can solve the problems of continuous, empty, and multi-package for customers, improve quality and efficiency, and greatly reduce material loss;

It has a variety of optional functions to meet different customer needs, such as Internet of Things networking, visual inspection, automatic correction of film rolls, discharge air cooling, various special-shaped tears;

Adopt servo film release system and use resistance ruler for feedback tracking, and film release is accurate and stable. This effectively avoids the unstable packaging caused by the shaking of the film roll.

facial tissue packing machine

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