Solutions For Automatic Case Packer and Robot Palletizers

Ⅰ. The working principle of the automatic case packer

With the further development of the global economy, the renewal and transformation of automatic case packers has accelerated. Driven by market conditions, Shanghai Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd continues to conduct research and development on automatic case packers. The automatic case packers launched by  Shanghai Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd are all equipment that guarantee quality and quantity, which are very useful in the application of the industry, so that the enterprises have no worries about production.

The automatic case packer can automatically reshape and arrange the packaging and put it into the opened carton, and it can complete the packing such as self-adhesive sealing and other actions. All actions are completed automatically. Most automatic case packers adopt a new type of combined structure, including functional units, such as cartoning device, aligning device, filling device and sealing device. They respectively complete the corresponding functional actions, and each device is installed on the same main frame. Above the box blank frame of the box forming device, the filling device is directly below the box forming device, the entire row device is in front of the filling device, and the box sealing device is behind the filling device, and they are all controlled by touch screens. There is an alarm and shutdown for missing parts, which greatly facilitates operation and management. It is an indispensable equipment for automated scale production, reducing production personnel and labor intensity.

Ⅱ. Performance and characteristics of robot palletizers

In the modern packaging industry, more and more mechanical equipment replaces manual operation, which is highly praised by users. It not only brings efficiency to enterprises, but also saves a lot of labor. Among these packaging equipment, robot palletizers are the most widely used. Each type of mechanical equipment has its own characteristics, and the robot palletizer is of course no exception. So what are the specific characteristics of the equipment?

1. The robot palletizer is very suitable for use in flexible packaging production lines, which greatly shortens the packaging cycle time and has extremely high precision. Coupled with the excellent conveyor tracking performance, whether it is operated in a fixed position or in motion, its pick and place accuracy is first-class.

2. The robot palletizer is equipped with a full set of auxiliary equipment (from the integrated air and signal system to the grabber), and can be used with packaging software. The mechanical integration is simple, and the programming is very convenient.

3. The robot's versatility, reachable distance and load-bearing capacity can almost meet any palletizing needs.

4. The robot palletizer has a wide range of applications, a small footprint, reliable performance and it can be operated easily. It can be integrated in a compact packaging machine, while meeting all your requirements in terms of reachable distance and payload.

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