How to Use the Paper Box Packing Machine?

1. Introduction of paper box packing machine

The paper box packing machine is a kind of machinery with very good performance and quality. Irregular use and failure to maintain in time will affect the normal operation of the paper box packing machine and cause performance changes. Timely replacement is the most basic basis and guarantee for us to use the paper box packing machine. If we want to be able to operate the paper box packing machine stably for a long time, the most important thing is to strengthen its maintenance.

When using this kind of paper box packing machine, the work efficiency is often not high due to improper operation. Today, Soontrue will give you a specific introduction to its use.

Ⅱ. The use of paper box packing machine

1.Before use, everyone must make relevant preparations, check whether all safety devices have been correctly configured and adjusted, and check whether the amount of lubricating oil and air pressure are within the specified range.

2. Turn on the power, close the automatic switch in the electrical box, power on the touch screen, display the initial screen, lightly tap any point on the initial screen, touch the screen to enter the language selection interface, lightly tap the language to enter the operation interface.

3. Press the oil pump button and manually add lubricating oil for about 10 seconds. You also need to pull out the hand wheel and turn it for 3 to 4 working cycles according to the direction of the machine's operation. Pay attention to the operation of each component, then put the paper box, manual, turn the hand wheel, and follow the machine to run the line. At this time, observe the operating conditions of each component, and adjust in time when necessary.

paper box packing machine

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